Time Traveling Stargazer

Time Traveling Stargazer is a contemporary solo violin performance from the “Temporality of the Impossible: Performance+Talk Sessions"series, for the 2018/2019 season

"These are intentionally as difficult as I can make them, because I think we’re now surrounded by very serious problems in society, and we tend to think that the situation is hopeless and that it’s just impossible to do something that will make everything turn out properly. So I think that this music, which is almost impossible, gives an instance of the practicality of the impossible." - John Cage, about "Freeman Etudes"

About Time Traveling Stargazer

Breaking from the inner core through the ripples of mantel and crust, submerged in sub-ocean-like depths, the movement continues. Sudden trembling, transient rush and pulsating sensation of air boiling from a seemingly motionless surface, caused by Surges, of what feels like instrument's own heartbeats, reveal the flight that is never to happen. Yet the notion of this fluttering motion cutting through air, tilts the view. Up to the soundscapes of galaxies far away, present here and now, only through this imagination of un-trapped-like freedom and livelihood of this, now Dead Wasp. Carried by these waves, the gaze continues to travel through Clouds, Above the Trees, balancing through all the obstructing obstacles. Untangled from all in the line of sight, it is time to explore different perspectives of endless dark, ornamented with uncountable stars.

"Time Traveling Stargazer" is a performance featuring contemporary solo violin pieces by Harðarson (Surge, 2017-18), Iannotta (dead wasps in a jam-jar (I), 2014-15), Johnson (Wolke über Bäumen, 2016), Cage (Freeman Etudes, selection, 1977-80+1989-90), and Lim (The Su Song Star Map, 2018), inviting all the curious ears to enter and experience these wonder worlds of sound, here and now.

◼ Program

● Haukur þór Harðarson: Surge (2017-18)
● Clara Iannotta: dead wasps in a jam-jar (I) (2014-15)
● John Cage: Freeman Etudes (selection, 1977-80+1989-90)
● Evan Johnson: Wolke über Bäumen (2016)
● Liza Lim: The Su Song Star Map (2018)

”Temporality of the Impossible: contemporary violin music, aesthetics, technique and performance” is an artistic research that started as a personal curiosity but grew into a PhD research, now taking place at the CeReNeM and CeRePP, at the University of Huddersfield (UK).
**How impossible is the “impossible”? The lasting curiosity of composers in exploring expression through music continues the legacy of creating pieces that are fresh, “new” and challenging not only for listening, but also to artistry of playing. Subsequently, performers continue to be challenged by these pieces demanding unconventional approaches. “Temporality of the Impossible” focuses on these challenges, and addresses two important and inseparable parts of music and performance: the tangible and the abstract. **
The violin courtesy of Thomas Meuwissen

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